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Huxie Safety Rail

Safety Rail for Huxie bed combinations by Manis-h.

If you worry about your child failing out at night or you simply are going to rebuild you child's bed from junior size to a standard size - here is the safety rail you'll need. 

Below you can add a leg to the safety rail. You will only need the leg for the safety rail if you're rebuilding a bunk bed or mid-height bed to a simple bed with a safety rail. Or if you've purchased a Huxie bed without a safety rail, but want to add one now. 


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Huxie Safety Rail
Huxie Safety Rail

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    Huxie safety rail by Manis-h.

    Children's bed made and manufactured in Denmark. Huxie is an individual system, which means it does not fit with other products from Manis-h except from the bed drawers (10760, 10700, 10749 & 10740). 

    All furniture from Huxie and Manis-h are made as a modular building system. This means you can rebuild the bed, if needed with a few purchases instead of buying a whole new bed everytime. It's a sustainable solution. We produce solid and stabile furniture for kids with focus on quality, flexibility and functionality. Therefor we use massive beech for the bearing parts of the bed and MDF wood material for the bed sides. The painting we use to paint our furniture is waterbased and therefor free for dangerous chemicals. 
    We only make and sell children's furniture which have been tested and approved by the Danish Technological Institute. This is our way to promise you safety and stability in the kids room with bed and other furniture from Huxie and Manis-h. 

    The beds are also safe for parents to use. The bed can hold up to 100 kg static pressure on a diameter of 30 cm. Which means - you can stand directly on the slatbase with one leg. Parents can safe sleep lay next to their kids and read the bed time stories - without being afraid of breaking the bed.


    Art. no.: 50400
    Safety Rail to a 90*200 cm bed

    Art. no.: 50460
    Safety Rail to a 70*160 cm