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Retro Safety Rail

Retro Safety Rail 

If you've a retro bed without a safety rail but wants to add one, this is what you need.

Below you can choose your beds size and the prefered color. Bed size 190 and 200 cm use the same size safety rail. 
If you're not sure what to order, you're always welcome to call and ask us. 

Athene size 90*160 cm
Safety rail 12460

Athene size 90*190 cm
Safety rail 12409

Athene size 90*200 cm
Safety rail 12409


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Retro Safety Rail
Retro Safety Rail

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549,00 SEK

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    Manis-h have a wide selection of accessories to our beds. We know that your child have different needs while they grow up. With our accessories you can adapt the looks of the bed to all ages - depending what needs they might have. 
    Once they start in school they might need a desk. Or they could need more storage or an extra bed. There can be all kinds of different reasons, and that's why we strive to have a wide selection to fit all needs.